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The Look Of Love

Shaye Bennett, a 20-year-old student from Bangor, Maine, wastes no time taking off her clothes–what small there is of them–at the start of this video. Yeah, it’s a sexy outfit, but she knows we’d rather see her naked. Then she bends over. “I know you like my bum,” she says before teasing, “So, is that cock getting hard yet?” You know it is. “Come over here and let me stroke it for you.” Obviously, if Shaye were in the military, she’d be the one barking out orders. “COCK OUT! STAND AT ATTENTION! STROKE IT, CADET!” We love how Shaye strokes this guy’s dick through his shorts. We love how she lubes it up and strokes it from top to bottom, how she stares at the hard-on so lovingly. “I do love it,” Shaye told us. “To me, the only thing that’s more beautiful than a hard cock is a hard rod that’s spurting cum. Preferably on my face.” That can be arranged, Shaye. Now, at ease!

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When You’re Smiling, The Whole World Cums With You

When this video opens, Bella Rios, a 19-year-old from Syracuse, New York, looks so cute sitting in the corner, like a student who’s done something wrong. But Bella hasn’t done anything wrong. Far from it. With her short, denim skirt, sexy highheels and revealing top, Bella is 100% all right! “I’m gonna give a hand job,” she tells our interviewer. You’ll enjoy Bella’s B-cup tits, firm ass and hoopy hoe earrings. “I’ve never done this before,” Bella says as she prepares to handle the dick. “This is my first time on camera.” We think she has a future. She looks so happy when she’s jacking the penis, smiling a lot, handling the dick expertly. Our interviewer asks, “Are you sure it’s your first time?” Hey, buddy, stop asking so many questions. Can’t you see the girl’s busy!

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Alyssa Rubs One Out

Alyssa seems a tiny ditzy, but give her a break. “I’m a small horny,” says this 18-year-old, 4’11” honey from Orlando, Florida. Alyssa has A-cup titties with prominent, speckled areolae, She has a cute little butt that she loves to show off for our viewing pleasure. She bends over and spreads her butthole, then bends over a little further, so much so that your cock’s going to start to ache. She lays down on the sofa, plays with herself, rubs her pussy, spreads her legs a tiny wider, rubs her pussy more vigorously. She has thick pussy lips. A guy walks over. If he were a gentleman, he’d eat Alyssa’s pussy. But he’s not. And since she’s a woman, she takes out his cock and strokes it. “You have a nice dick,” she says as she tugs on his penis while fingering her pussy. “It feels amazing.” The man ends up cumming on her face. It looks amazing.

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Donna & Justine: Nipple Lickin’ Good

Donna & Justine: Nipple Lickin’ Good Please note that this video has tape damage that was not repairable. In this shoot from 1990, Donna…

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When this video opens, Juliet is…

When this video opens, Juliet is looking super-sexy in her sheer top. We can see her nipples right through it, but Juliet doesn’t tease for long. She takes off her top, revealing her C-cup tits, then takes off her short denim skirt, revealing a great ass: round and firm. Absolutely fuckable. “Looks ike like you are getting nice nice and stiff,” she says to us. “Do you like what you see?” She puts on a tiny butt show, and if you weren’t hard before, you will be now. “I want to feel it between my fingers, nice and hard and thick,” she says as she fingers her pussy. “I’m getting wetter the harder that penis gets.” She whips it out. “Ooooh, that’s a nice dick. I’m going to jack you off so good.” Juliet does it all in this scene, rubbing the rod against her tits, then tit-fucking the rod. Spitting on it. Making sperm faces into the camera. This female has “future porn star” written all over her. Betcha we’re right.

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When The Boyfriend’s Away, April Plays

We blurred April’s face in these photos because she asked us to. Seems as if her boyfriend found out about her shooting for, and she concocted some lie about only doing solo photo and video shoots…and, well, long story short, we’re romantics and we’d hate to break up a happy couple. But back to April. She’s the kind of woman who, if you saw her walking down the street, maybe wearing the blue tube top she’s wearing in this video, you’d say to yourself, “Man, I’d like to cum all over her face.” And here’s the deal: If you asked her, she’d probably let you. “Whip it out, big boy!” she says to the complete stranger she’s jacking in this video. “You think you can handle this naughty girl?” Well, he doesn’t have to handle her. She has to handle him. And she does just fine.

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Ariel, 19 from San Diego,…

Ariel, 19 from San Diego, California, is lying on a bed, showing off her butt. She’s got on a short g-string, and she spreads her butt without even being asked. The G-string cuts right through her cheeky butt, and we can see the outer edges of her pussy. She’s wearing a shirt that says “RENEGADE,” and she looks like a wild girl. Her dark, brown nipples are very hard. “I’m turned on,” she says. “I’m a long and slow stroker. I’m such a dirty girl. It feels so good in my hands.” Ariel aims to please. “Do you like that? Do you want me to go faster? Harder.” She jacks it very fast, then gets on all fours. He fingers her pussy while she jacks him, and we can hear her cunt going squishy-squashy. She fingers her pussy and cums while jacking his penis. She cums before he does, which is the right thing to do. But don’t worry. He cums. So will you.

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A Tug job To Get The Job

Ya gotta hand it to Chrissie-actually, she has to hand it to you!-a 20-year-old sexpot from New York. She shows up for an casting wearing a short bikini top and a petite skirt. Her G-string is exposed above the skirt, and we can see her slut stamp, too. Now, this guy who’s interviewing her…we don’t know what the fuck he’s saying half the time, but Chrissie doesn’t care. “I’m going to make sure I get this job,” Chrissie says as she strokes his leg all the way up to his penis. “Your cock is getting so nice and hard-” Chrissie says. “I think he wants to come out and play.” So Chrissie takes it out and shows off some impressive skills, jacking him with both hands, spitting all over his penis and fingering her pussy, which gapes quite a bit for a 20-year-old’s cunt. Does Chrissie get the job? Bang if we know! We’ve never made it to the end of the video without cumming.

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Erin knows how to get us off. She…

Erin knows how to get us off. She starts off with a slow strip, licking her nipples. She’s standing at a bar. “Can I get you something to gulp?” she asks. “Maybe something sweet, fruity? Maybe some stiff liquor. Would you like something on the rocks?” She rubs an ice cube against her nipples, then rubs it against her stomach. Then she starts getting creative. She pours herself a shot and says, “Why don’t you come here and do a body shot?” She pours the shot down her cleavage, and the dude eagerly licks it off her body. She licks some off her tits, too, then takes his penis out and starts jacking him. We get a great close-up of her shaved pussy as she slowly strokes his penis. She has her pussy up against his rod while she’s jacking it, and this dude is as close as he can get to her pussy without actually nailing it. “You want to shoot a nice, big load, don’t you?” she says. “All over my titties.” Wherever. We just want to shoot.

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Goldie, who’s only 19, is sunning…

Goldie, who’s only 19, is sunning herself by the pool when this video opens. She’s hot, so she jumps into the pool, but when she gets out, she’s even hotter. “So you’ve been watching me, huh?” she says. Then she spits on her hands, and we know why. “Is your dick getting hard? You ready for me to jerk it off and make you spunk? Let’s see how long it takes.” Probably not too long. The pre-cum is seeping out of our cocks already. Next, Goldie takes her tits out and strokes the penis. She’s a two-handed stroker, and that’s a good thing. “You like this?” she says, stroking dick while rubbing her pussy. “Your dick’s making my pussy all wet. It feels good, huh?” It feels great. And Goldie’s only just begun to tug.

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Taylor Wane Times Two

Taylor Wane Times Two We have two Taylor Wane scenes in one. Taylor begins by putting on a red bra and panty set and red…

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Lacey Legends: Bigtits Hard-body

Lacey Legends: Hooters Hard-body Juggs hard-body Lacey Legends was that rarity: a bodybuilder and fitness contest winner who became an exotic dancer and nude model…

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Toppsy Curvey: I Have A Lot Of Chick Fans That Come To See Me

Toppsy Curvey: I Have A Lot Of Woman Fans That Come To See Me In this scene, Toppsy Curvey begins in bed and ends in…

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Hot Tub Sex

Hot Tub Sex Beautiful, small and delicate-looking Kia was a Korean-American porn star with over 100 video credits and numerous magazine pictorials. This hot tub…

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Juggs BriAnna’s Oily To Bed

Hooters BriAnna’s Oily To Bed Knockers BriAnna is reading Tease magazine in bed. Turned on by the photo spreads of big-boobed women like herself, BriAnna…

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Chloe Vevrier & Jay Sweet: Les Fire

Chloe Vevrier & Jay Sweet: Lesbian Fire Chloe Vevrier and Jay Sweet really got it on in this lick and stick party with fingers, tongues…

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Heather Michaels: Made In America

Heather Michaels: Made In America Heather Michaels was one of the great American discoveries of the late 1990s, beginning in 1997 with five Voluptuous pictorials…

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Exclusive vintage porn with retro cunts heavily probed

See exclusive classic porn with retro cunts getting heavily probed
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