Erin knows how to get us off. She…

Erin knows how to get us off. She starts off with a slow strip, licking her nipples. She’s standing at a bar. “Can I get you something to drink?” she asks. “Maybe something sweet, fruity? Maybe some stiff liquor. Would you like something on the rocks?” She rubs an ice cube against her nipples, then rubs it against her stomach. Then she starts getting creative. She pours herself a shot and says, “Why don’t you come here and do a body shot?” She pours the shot down her cleavage, and the man eagerly licks it off her body. She licks some off her tits, too, then takes his dick out and starts jacking him. We get a great close-up of her shaved pussy as she slowly strokes his penis. She has her pussy up against his cock while she’s jacking it, and this guy is as close as he can get to her pussy without actually humping it. “You want to shoot a nice, big load, don’t you?” she says. “All over my titties.” Wherever. We just want to shoot.

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